Egypt’s efforts to provide resources and access to its disabled population are grossly underdeveloped.  The insurance system in Egypt is particularly limited and basic medical care is largely inaccessible to those in need.  Medical procedures are often paid for in cash and the costs are often beyond even a middle class individual’s means.  The Healthcare Program provides assistance to Brethren of the Lord unable to meet their own medical costs.  The Program offers financial aid to individuals suffering from Hepatitis, Multiple Sclerosis, Cancer, Diabetes, Hemophilia, Tuberculosis, as well as other chronic illnesses and psychiatric disorders.  BLESS negotiates with private health care providers and pharmaceutical companies to obtain treatment at discounted costs.  The program provides funds for medication, various operations and other related fees such as, tests, x-rays, and medical equipment including wheelchairs, prostheses, hearing aids and crutches among other equipment.  The Healthcare Program also serves individuals with both physical and mental disabilities; a particular emphasis is placed on their maximal integration into society.