Support for Families offers broad assistance to families in dire financial need.  

The Healthcare Program is designed to address the urgent need by providing the Brethren of the Lord with the medication and treatment that are essential to their well being. 

Students seeking to advance to, and complete, a university education require significant private expenses. 

In Egypt, when a couple is making marriage arrangements, it is the bride who traditionally provides some of the furnishings for the couple’s new home.  Unfortunately, there are many instances where the Brethren of the Lord are delayed due to lack of funds. 

The Housing Program funds the construction of modest shelters for Brethren of the Lord who would otherwise be homeless or forced to live in dangerously overcrowded conditions.  Furthermore, the Program also funds home repairs such as deficient roofs, or a lack of electricity or plumbing.

The Income Generating Projects program – oriented towards facilitating self-sufficiency – assists families through vocational and job training in an effort to contend with the significant rates of unemployment in Egypt.

The Brethren of the Lord who struggle to meet their daily needs are typically unable to support themselves in the aftermath of unexpected losses.