Can I sponsor a family through the Family Assistance Program?

No. Individual contributions are not designated to a particular family. They are distributed according to the needs of the families in the program.

Why is there an education fund if education in Egypt is free?

Although education in Egypt is free, there are significant private expenses associated with it at every stage of instruction.

What happens when I join the BLESS USA mailing list?

You will receive our monthly newsletter as well as other mailings that will keep you up to date about the situation of the needy in Egypt.

What is the affiliation between BLESS Egypt and BLESS USA?

BLESS USA is a charity organization that funds the social service activities of BLESS Egypt.

Does BLESS USA have office hours?

Yes, currently the office hours are Monday-Thursday from 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM. Messages are retrieved and returned in a timely manner.

How is BLESS USA staffed?

BLESS USA is staffed entirely by volunteers.

How does BLESS USA differ from other Coptic relief organizations in America?

BLESS USA is an official nonprofit charity organization of the Coptic Orthodox Church in the United States. It serves Coptic Christians with various needs in different areas of Egypt.

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