Is there a report published about where and how the contributions made to BLESS USA are distributed?

A comprehensive report on how funds are allocated is issued and published annually.

Who handles and supervises the distribution of funds?

Funds are distributed under the leadership of His Holiness Pope Tawadros II, along with His Grace Bishop Yolios.

Has BLESS tried to obtain funds from the US Government or from grantmakers?

BLESS USA is currently researching options that will enable us to obtain funds from grant-making foundations. If you have any suggestions, please contact BLESS USA.

What is the matching gift program?

Thousands of companies throughout the country match their employees' charitable contributions to organizations like BLESS USA. A database of these companies is available to search on our website.

What percentage of funds raised actually go to Egypt, and what is the percentage of administrative costs?

Administrative costs range from 5% - 7%. Thus, 93% - 95% of contributions go directly to needy Copts in Egypt.

Can we send clothing or equipment rather than money?

Currently BLESS USA only accepts certain items such as wedding dresses and medical supplies and equipment. We do not send clothing to Egypt at this time.

Is there a minimum donation required to participate in a BLESS USA project?

No. BLESS USA welcomes any contribution of any amount. There is no minimum.

How can one contribute to BLESS USA?

There are several ways one can contribute to BLESS USA:

Can one send money to a relative in need or someone they know through BLESS USA?

No. All recipients of aid must first go through the needs assessment process administered by BLESS in Egypt.

Can a contributor obtain the names and addresses of the people who receive aid?

We do not disclose any personal information about the families served in order to preserve their privacy and dignity.

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